Society, Policy and Leadership

Reshaping the future for African women and girls requires actions at all levels of society. Our programs and initiatives ensure that women are equipped with tools and knowledge that amplify their agency and our work with civil society actors and other stakeholders address policy gaps at the decision-making levels of our institutions.

Narrative Change and Media

Africa’s narrative is still being told through a western lens, and more often than not a western male lens. We focus on bringing African female voices into the mainstream, to provide a more accurate depiction of Africa today. This in-turn also enhances the overall perspective of the global media industry, by widening its lens. For real progress to happen, the African woman’s story must be told, in a transparent way that breaks free from pre-determined stereotypes, and ultimately, facilitates genuine change.

Technology, Digital Culture & Creative Power

Our projects leverage innovations, technological advancements and creative power to circumvent the limits traditional conventions place on African women and girls. We believe that as technology infleunces global culture, it is also births opportunities that enable women and girls to actively create the lives and futures they want.

Research and Reports

AWB believes in an evidence-based approach to catalyse sustainable change. Our research is designed to provide us and our stakeholders with the means to understand the issues affecting the African woman and the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Capacity Building and Training

Our trainings and initiatives are designed to equip women and girls with the knowledge and tools to participate and lead in the world’s current economic and political climate.


Through our publishing and our vision of advancing women’s thought leadership, AWB is able to support women at all levels of development and at different stages in their careers across several areas, industries and sectors.