African Women on Board (AWB) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to propelling African women into leadership roles of now and the future. Our growing network is comprised of women across the continent and throughout the global diaspora community, who aspire to become leaders within their workplaces, communities and governments, as well as those who wish to support the next generation of African women and girls. Our goal is to amplify African female voices, support African female empowerment, and help to create a world in which African women and girls across all classes including those of the diaspora, are given the tools and resources they need to fully realise their potential.

Our Vision

To help African women on the continent and the diaspora become leaders within their workplaces, communities, and governments.

Our Mission

AWB is committed to:

Advancing narratives

using storytelling, advocacy campaigns and other convenings

To improve realities for African women​

by working with decision-makers, private sector partners, civil society actors and media around the world to inform policy development, programming, and capacity building


Better future: Change the status/perception of women and girls in Africa

Stronger connections: Strengthen ties between African women and girls of the continent and those of African heritage in the diaspora 

Leadership: Advance African women in leadership positions in the public and private sector. 

Voice: Advise governments and organizations on workforce and gender-related policies 

Role modelling: Strengthen influential female role models and the inspiration they can bring to young Africans 

Growth trajectory: Create pipelines and pathways for young women and girls to thrive and excel

Global impact: Transform Africa and the wider world through increasing women’s and girls’ leadership and agency


AWB brings together leading experts in public service, private enterprises, the government and academia who provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, analysis and advisory.

In collaboration with our partners, we conduct research, develop initiatives, and create programs geared towards advancing the role of African women within a global society by impacting people, policies, and practice. Therefore, we follow a 360-degree approach in forming key strategic partnerships with individuals and organisations to facilitate dialogues, decision-making and change in policies and practice.

AWB’s Theory of Change


AWB partners with individuals, organisational bodies, professional bodies and other stakeholders  who are committed to systems change. 


AWB carries out and supports strategic advocacy for the development of policies needed for an enabling environment for systems change and impact at scale


AWB creates platforms and facilitates dialogues and training activities that will increase awareness,  knowledge and self-efficacy of key stakeholders including women and girls required to change  outcomes.


AWB supports frameworks and structures that lead to the implementation of policies.