Advancing Gender Equity in Africa: Leveraging the Private Sector to Navigate Challenges and Drive Meaningful Change”– A White Paper

The white paper introduces the inaugural findings from our expansive research initiative, “Private Sector Influence in Defining and Constructing Gender Policy”. Written with a specific focus on senior executives, this report delves into how the private sector could exert a more substantial influence in shaping social dynamics, particularly in achieving greater gender balance within workplaces and, ultimately, in our communities.


The first edition of the paper was launched in December, coinciding with the Nobel Prize awards ceremony on December 10th. This date holds special significance, particularly with Claudia Goldin’s historic receipt of the economics prize—being the first woman to win the prize solo. Her work has significantly shaped our understanding of women’s work and labour market outcomes. The white paper launch not only marks a milestone but also aligns with our strategic objective of showcasing African thought leadership in global discussions.


The second edition of the white paper – featuring more insights, expanded conversations and case studies – will be launched in UK in the first half of 2024 and at the Remarkable African Women’s (RAW) Leadership Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, in May.

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