Chics Code is sparking the next wave of female tech innovators from Africa!

Lack of education opportunities and prevailing stereotypes have led to a disproportionately low female participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields. Through Chics Code, AWB aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM-based disciplines, particularly technology. We facilitate the school-to-work pipeline for young women in tech through skills development programs, recruitment drives, application advisory, and internship placements.
We work with partners and stakeholders who are committed to inspiring, educating, and equipping the next generation of African women with the tools and skills needed to be an integral part of Africa’s ongoing digital renaissance and unlock the opportunities of our increasingly digital world.


AWB is partnering with the Heartland Incubation Hub of the Oluaka Institute to provide girls from ages 5 upwards training in 2D gaming, animation, web pages and computer applications. For just N50,000 per student, you can sponsor* one or more girls to the Oluaka Developers Programme. This is an opportunity to make a difference in a girl’s life and fuel Africa’s technological development. As a sponsor, you also have the option of connecting with your beneficiary and receiving testimonials on the impact of her training.

Get involved! Help us reach our first wave goal of sponsoring 1000 girls through the program. Make a donation today to:

Bank: GTBank Account Name: Oluaka Institute of Technology Limited Account Number: 0264254879

Remarks/Description: AWB Chics Code

*Successful candidates are chosen using selection criteria among submitted applications.


AWB and Magic Carpet Studios are connecting young women to the unlimited possibilities of digital animation. Through recruitment drives to colleges of technology and technical institutions, we show young women how competency in animation can expand their skillsets, careers and opportunities. Animation is not just for the boys, women can use it to create their own worlds and make their imaginations come to life.

The program trains budding female animators in 2d and 3d animation with a focus on the African market and Nigeria’s thriving TV and film industry.