These sessions bring together multi-sector thought-leaders and interested professional women and men to engage in meaningful and lively exchanges around various themes and topics of women empowerment and gender equity in the workplace.

Hard Work & Talent Are Not Enough

In AWB’s recent Real Women, Real Talk session with Mrs. Habiba Balogun and professional women from different sectors, we discussed why hard work and talent are not enough to guarantee success at work.

Conversations centered around office politics, why women may have to engage in positive politics at work, how to avoid harmful office gossip, promote one’s self and ideas and work smart. A heated debate arose around the role other women play in addressing the issues and contributing to the problem especially with the mention of women being horrible bosses and older women being threatened by younger women in the workplace. With little time to explore deeply, we will dedicate one of our RWRT sessions to this topic.

Men As Workplace Allies

We recently looked at the pressing need for more female voices in the mainstream of African business. Not solely a cause of gender discrimination, this lack of diversity also limits the perspective and scope of business in an increasingly connected, digitised world. But while gaining recognition is one thing, it’s quite another to encourage forward momentum on a truly level playing field. For that, we need male advocates. Men who are, like the women around them, prepared to be partners in bringing about a more diverse and inclusive working environment. AWB hosted a Real Women, Real Talk session on the role of men as allies in the workplace. We had several men in the room who were open and honest about the issues holding women back in the work environment, the role men play in the institutionalization of these issues and how men can contribute to resolving them. Thank you to our speakers and guests for your active participation. We look forward to hearing you lead this conversation in your individual spaces.

Overcoming The Confidence Gap

African Women on Board (AWB)’s Real Women, Real Talk Series hosted a phenomenal group of women to conversations around women’s struggles with confidence and how fear can prevent women from making the best professional decisions for themselves.

Our special guest speaker and lead moderator was the very inspiring and engaging, Dr. Myma Belo-Osagie, Senior Partner, Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie, who gracefully shared her experience, time and brilliant wit with a room full of really enthused women.

AWB’s Real Women, Real Talk sessions provide a platform for real and honest conversations about gender equity themes and workplace challenges that are unique to women. 

How Remarkable Women Lead

AWB hosted the launch of our special project #Project1000CVs, an initiative to circulate and build a wide database of qualified female professionals across multiple sectors to serve as board members and C-level execs in the private and public sector.

A special highlight of the launch was a conversation with Ms. Hilary Pennington, Executive Vice-President of Ford Foundation, who shared honestly about her experiences rising through the private and public sector, how she became a remarkable woman who leads.

#HowRemarkableWomenLead and the launch of #Project1000CVs was made possible with the support of special partners: LSETF, Keystone Bank Nigeria, Templars, PriceWaterHouseCooper, Aluko & Oyebode, Rele Gallery and RDF Strategies.

Women, Technology & Leadership

African Women on Board, in partnership with Facebook, hosted a select group of community influencers to a breakfast roundtable discussion on harnessing the power of technology to drive business growth and influence communities.

The roundtable, which is part of AWB’s Remarkable Women Series, raised conversation on leveraging technology for community engagement, maximising influence for positive change and active political participation for national transformation. It was inspiring to share and learn the various ways these women are using their various platforms to impact their communities.

AWB’s Real Women, Real Talk sessions provide a platform for real and honest conversations about gender equity themes and workplace challenges that are unique to women.