Social distancing and looking to occupy your time? We can help.

Join us for the Wiki Photo Campaign on our drive to populate the Wikipedia pages of African women with their photos. Here’s how:

Step 1: Click here to go through the list of women whose Wikipedia pages do not have pictures.

Step 2: Dedicate 30 minutes each day to searching through your picture folders and see if you can find pictures of any of them that YOU own the copyright to.

Step 3: Send those images to

Step 4: Let us know as soon as you send an image, we’ll take it from there.

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Do you know of any #RemarkableWomen that need Wikipedia pages?
AWB believes we need more African women represented and we’re working to make this a reality right now!
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African women have been pivotal to the development of the continent. AWB is on a mission to showcase influential female role models and the inspiration they bring to young Africans. Through our #RemarkableWomenSeries, AWB is sharing the stories of exceptional African women and their inspirational achievements.
Recognising the power of alliances for creating synergy and sustainable impact, we are partnering with @Wikimedia/@Wikipedia and @AfroCrowd to increase the coverage, visibility and representation of notable African women made available to the public. We kicked off this partnership with the #VisibleWikiWomen #WomenofColors campaign aimed at adding more images of women of color to the pages of Wikimedia/Wikipedia.
Get Involved!
Get Involved! Know of any Remarkable African Women that deserve a profile on the world’s largest encyclopedia? Nominate her! Send us an email with her name and a short profile or a list of her accomplishments and we’ll take it from there.