African Women on Board (AWB) is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to reshaping the future for African women and girls globally by mainstreaming their voices and fast tracking their trajectory into the leadership roles of the future.

Through our commitment to advancing narratives to improve the realities of African women and girls, AWB seeks to: 

  • Change the status/perception of women and girls in Africa

  • Strengthen ties between African women and girls of the continent and those of African heritage in the diaspora 

  • Advance African women in leadership positions in the public and private sector 

  • Advise governments and organizations on workforce and gender-related policies 

  • Strengthen influential female role models and the inspiration they can bring to young Africans 

  • Transform Africa and the wider world through increasing women's and girls' leadership and agency

AWB brings together leading experts in public service, private enterprises, the government and academia who provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, analysis and advisory.



We work with partners worldwide to amplify African female voices, support their economic empowerment, and help to create a world in which women and girls of African heritage are given the tools and resources they need to fully realise their potential.​ Therefore, our activities are rooted in our vision of advancing narratives to improve realities.

We believe that economic empowerment has as much to do with how the world sees us and who is speaking for us as it has to do with pure economics. Because for real progress to happen, the African woman’s story must be told, in a transparent way that breaks free from pre-determined stereotypes and ultimately, this new approach must help facilitate genuine change. 


In collaboration with our partners, we conduct research, develop initiatives and create programs geared towards advancing the role of African women within a global society.

We believe that an evidence based approach is necessary to catalyse sustainable change. Therefore, we conduct research around three pillars of economic empowerment: Women as Leaders, Women as Entrepreneurs, and Women as Consumers

Through these three pillars and our vision of advancing narratives to improve realities, AWB is able to support women at all levels of development and at different stages in their careers across several areas in which gender gaps are greatest. 

  • Financial Literacy/Inclusion

  • The Arts

  • Leadership: Women on Boards, Politics/Political Participation

  • Innovation: Girls in STEM, Women as Consumers, Women as Entrepreneurs, Agriculture & Environment, Health & Sports

  • Remarkable Women Series

  • Project 100,000 Remarkable African Women

  • AWB Masterclass

  • Remarkable African Women Summit [RAW]

  • Power, Politics Women

  • Chics Code

  • The Women Amongst Us

  • Real Women Series

  • Read to Lead


  • Project 100(0) CVs


Advancing Narratives and Improving Realities...