16 Days of Activism


As social identities increasingly overlap and intersect with contemporary global issues, layered forms of discrimination, exclusion, and oppression are created. These global issues such as climate change, gender equity, and insecurity – across multiple dimensions including within economic, food, health, community, environmental, personal, and political spheres – intersect with culture, religion, socio-economic status, and more to compound risks and susceptibilities.

The Event

Themed “On the Frontlines: African Women’s Leadership in Transformative Solutions to Intersecting Global Challenges” and scheduled for November 24th, the event will focus on the intersection of gender equality and women’s empowerment, climate change and insecurity:

What roles can the private sector play in strengthening the capacity of women and girls to better adapt to these challenges and the vulnerabilities they intensify?

How can local and international institutions/actors better support women’s leadership especially within key sectors such as health, law, finance, media, academia, etc?

Why do women need to be at the heart of action aimed at addressing global issues? Eg. Climate action.

In a country where resources are often spread thin, how do you create a balanced approach to address the intersectional challenges to women’s leadership?

What is the future for African women and how do we shape it?


Kemi Shonubi

People Culture Experience & Operations
TVC Communications

Isabella Adediji

Yellow Tamarind Productions

Ivana I. Osagie

Professional Women Roundtable (PWR)

Olu Verheijen - Managing Director, Latimer Energy

Managing Partner RDF Strategies

Tola Odeyemi

Government Relations, West Africa, Binance

Lisa-Leigh Aladekomo

Chief Financial Officer
Asiko Energy