At the recently concluded Academy “Oscar” Awards, Will Smith (known for his role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), slapped popular comedian Chris Rock for a joke he made referencing Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair. This was quite controversial as the actress has recently opened up about her struggles with Alopecia. We think this incident is about more than the slap.

It’s about… Safety in The Workplace

Whose responsibility was it to ensure Chris Rock’s safety at the academy awards?


It’s about… Comedy and Misogyny

With comedy often leaning towards misogyny, is it time for comedians to reevaluate their content and source material?


It’s about… Men as Allies

What displays of allyship are appropriate, and how can men step up in a progressive way?


And finally, it’s about… The Hair

Black hair is still political, especially for women; and hair loss, whether caused by a condition like alopecia, or tension-based hairstyles, comes with its own stigma. Isn’t it time for this stigma to end?

This incident reflects some important issues within broader society. To ensure safety in the workplace for women, and men, we must be open-minded in our approach to sensitive situations.