Becoming Me

If you missed Friday’s Read to Lead, then you missed a great evening of candid, informative, and engaging conversation.

We kicked off with ‘Becoming Me’, the first part of Michelle Obama’s best-selling memoir, ‘Becoming’. We touched on topics from affirmative action, to the perceived entitlement mentality of millenials, and outliers for whom the stars always seem to be aligned.

Thank you to all who attended and to our moderator, Dr. Damilola Akinsete. You were all absolutely amazing. Congratulations to Jennifer C. Obulo and Martha Ogbole Ogbole on winning our free copies of ‘Becoming’.

Our next meeting will pick up where we left off as we plan to dive into the second part of the book, ‘Becoming Us’.

‘Read to Lead’ is AWB’s book club, a platform designed to encourage women to develop themselves through the power of books.

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