We direct our resources into three key pillars of African female empowerment: Women as Leaders, Women as Entrepreneurs, and Women as Consumers. African female leaders already exist in the corporate world, but there are simply not enough of them in the board room at present, or in other senior positions in both the private and public sectors. Equally, female entrepreneurs can often be the driving force behind new and exciting business and social enterprises. And by empowering women as consumers, we empower a stronger and more wide-ranging overall economy.

By focusing on these three pillars, AWB is able to support women at all levels of development and at different stages in their careers across several areas in which gender gaps are greatest including Financial Literacy/Inclusion, Politics/political participation, Girls in STEM, Arts & Environment, and Agriculture, Health & Sports. 

We welcome our partners to join us as champions of these initiatives, by placing African women and girls at the helm of their future through Africa-focused, strategic development programs that include women and girls of African heritage globally.