Our work is designed to disrupt outdated, western-based stereotypes of what it means to be an African woman and girl today. In strategic partnership with a diverse team of advisory allies, we facilitate programming and funding schemes that place social and economic capital in the hands of African women. 

AWB has two key objectives: 

  • Advancing Narratives

  • Improving Realities


AWB’s work advances a modern, post-colonial narrative of what it means to be an African woman and girl today. This narrative must replace outdated stereotypes of African womanhood. African women’s narratives must be told by African women. This requires accessible platforms for African women and girls to tell their stories and voice their input to global issues. AWB facilitates a range of storytelling platforms that center African women and shine a spotlight on their contributions to African and global growth and development.


The power of dialogue is limited if it does not translate into social and economic change that improves the realities of African women and girls across the continent and diaspora. AWB is committed to achieving this change through a variety of means, from business and coding initiatives to financial support in achieving academic and career aims. We direct our resources into seven key focus areas: Women in Leadership, Financial Literacy/Inclusion (“FLI”), Girls in STEM (Education), The Arts, Sports, The Environment, and African Women as Consumers – you can learn about each of them in the Key Initiatives section of our website here.    


Through the production and sponsorship of programming to build the capacities of African women and girls, AWB is gaining direct insights into the needs of our communities and the ways in which investment in women serves as the perfect conduit to jump-start economies at large. Creating platforms for African women and girls to lend their voices to global issues and shine a spotlight on their contributions to Africa's growth and development is a top priority. By committing to the long game of reforming culture, changing the societal mindset, and elevating the perception of the feminine to share an equal platform with the perception of the masculine in our society, we will all benefit from increased global prosperity in the future.