Advancing Narratives and Improving Realities for African Women and Girls Globally...

African Women on Board (AWB) is a non-profit organisation, run by African women for women and girls of African heritage. Through our expanding network of allies, experts, and partners, AWB is dedicated to reshaping the future for women of African heritage globally. Founded in 2017, our growing team incorporates both female and male change makers from around the world. What we all share in common is our unfailing commitment to fast tracking the trajectory of African females into the leadership roles of the future.

Our approach focusses on two key areas of change: Advancing Narratives and Improving Realities. Advancing Narratives, because the African women’s story must be told, in a transparent way that breaks free from the pre-determined Western dialogue. Improving Realities, because ultimately, this new approach must help to facilitate genuine change. All our activities are geared towards advancing the role of African women within a global society.


Through our commitment to reshaping the narratives and advancing the realities of African women and girls, AWB seeks to: 

  • Change the status/perception of women and girls in Africa

  • Strengthen ties between African women and girls of the continent and those of African heritage in the diaspora 

  • Advance African women in leadership positions in the public and private sector 

  • Advise governments and organizations on workforce and gender-related policies 

  • Strengthen influential female role models and the inspiration they can bring to young Africans 

  • Transform Africa and the wider world through [increasing] women's and girls' leadership and agency

AWB sees a world in which African women and girls across classes including the diaspora, are given the tools and resources they need to fully realise their potential. Removing these barriers for entry and projecting more African women into leadership positions will not only create more accurate representation of this segment in society, but also strengthen the diversity pool and knowledge base of global leadership at large, at a time when the world needs new ideas. With narratives advanced and realities improved, African women can make an important contribution to tackling the rising challenges of AI, climate change, and global inequality.